DarkMark  v1.8.20-1
Image markup for darknet machine learning.
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The official web site for C Code Run's DarkMark is http://www.ccoderun.ca/darkmark/.

Source code for DarkMark is available at https://github.com/stephanecharette/DarkMark/.

DarkMark is not Darknet! DarkMark is a C++ GUI application used to mark up images, which then may be used with Darknet to train a neural network.

I recommend Hank.ai's fork of Darknet, available at https://github.com/hank-ai/darknet.

The original author of the Darknet neural network framework is Joseph Redmon. In 2016, Alexey Bochkovskiy took over maintaining Darknet. And in 2023, Hank.ai announced they would be sponsoring the proect.

DarkMark is written by St├ęphane Charette d.b.a. C Code Run
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