GML  v1.0.0-2994
Gorman Maintenance Logs

GML stores all configuration settings in a simple XML-format text file.

This file is stored locally on each machine, and is specific to every logged in user. Normally, the file should never need to be manually edited, as GML automatically saves what it needs to this file.

If the configuration file is deleted, a new one will automatically be re-created by GML the next time that it runs.

Platform Configuration File
Linux /home/username/.GormanMaintenanceLogs/GormanMaintenanceLogs.cfg
Windows C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\GormanMaintenanceLogs\GormanMaintenanceLogs.cfg

For example, someone with the username bob running on Windows would find their GML configuration file in C:\Users\bob\AppData\Roaming\GormanMaintenanceLogs\GormanMaintenanceLogs.cfg.