GML  v1.0.0-2994
Gorman Maintenance Logs
Editor Window

This window allows maintenance logs to be created and edited.

The "save" button will only become active once all fields with a red "glow" have been correctly set.


Immutable Fields

Immutable Field Description
log id The unique log id is automatically assigned when an order is saved. Once assigned, the log id cannot be changed.
department Department. Normally, this cannot be changed, though depending on the role there are cases when this can be changed.
start date The date when the log entry was created.
completion date The date when the log entry was last saved with a status of either "complete" or "incomplete". Log entries with a status of "open" do not have a completion date.

Editable Fields

Editable Field Description
cost center Cost center.
system System (process) depends on the cost center.
motor Motor ID depends on the system (process).
author Employee name, ordered alphabetically by last name.
shift Shift.
category Category.
status Status. Setting the status may also impact the completion date.
hours Time spent is recorded as hours and minutes in the database. It can be specified using any of the following formats:
  • 1:15 (hours and minutes)
  • 1h 15m (hours and minutes)
  • 1 (hours)
  • 1h (hours)
  • 30m (minutes)
  • 0.75 (hours and decimal minutes)