GML  v1.0.0-2994
Gorman Maintenance Logs
Choose A Role
Choose A Role

Normally, this window is only shown once: the very first time the GML application is run. You must then choose a role, and depending on that role, only the subset of the maintenance logs that match that department will be shown on the Summary Window.

In most cases, the role name matches the department name. However, there are several roles (e.g., All, Planers) that have access to multiple departments.

The roles and the departments to which each role maps is determined by the database table gml.roleviews. By default, these are the defined roles, and the departments to which each role has access (2017-08):

# SELECT AS role_name, AS department_name FROM gml.roleviews LEFT JOIN gml.roles ON LEFT JOIN gml.departments ON ORDER BY role_name, department_name;
role_name | department_name
All | DH Mechanical
All | Electrical
All | Finger Jointer
All | Mechanical
All | Moulder
All | Planer 1
All | Planer 2
All | Saw Filing
DH Mechanical | DH Mechanical
Electrical | Electrical
Finger Jointer | Finger Jointer
Mechanical | Mechanical
Moulder | Moulder
Planer 1 | Planer 1
Planer 2 | Planer 2
Planers | Finger Jointer
Planers | Planer 1
Planers | Planer 2
Saw Filing | Saw Filing
(19 rows)

Once a role has been selected, it is stored in configuration.

From the Summary Window, the hotkey combination SHIFT+CONTROL+F12 will bring you back to this "Choose A Role" window.