TLDR Summary

Yet another dataset. Simpler than the previous "Granada" one from a few months ago. Can easily be used to help learn how to train Darknet/YOLO, as it includes annotations: rolodex_dataset.zip.


The "Rolodex" dataset contains purely fictional data, and is composed of 100 synthetic images.

No copyright; the dataset is released as public domain.

For example, run this command:

DarkHelp \ --random --duration off --line 1 --autohide off \ --snapping on --snap-horizontal-tolerance 10 \ Rolodex.cfg Rolodex.names Rolodex_best.weights \ set_01/

(If not familiar, DarkHelp is a CLI tool as well as a C++ API for Darknet/YOLO. It runs on both Windows and Linux.)

See this YouTube video for some interesting information regarding this dataset.

Last modified: 2023-12-24
Stéphane Charette, stephanecharette@gmail.com