ZBar Bar Code Reader Library  version 0.10
ZBar Bar Code Reader Library Documentation

interface to the barcode reader is available at several levels.most applications will want to use the high-level interfaces:

High-Level Interfaces

these interfaces wrap all library functionality into an easy-to-use package for a specific toolkit:

  • the "GTK+ 2.x widget" may be used with GTK GUI applications. a Python wrapper is included for PyGtk
  • the Qt4 widget may be used with Qt GUI applications
  • the Processor interface (in C or C++) adds a scanning window to an application with no GUI.

Intermediate Interfaces

building blocks used to construct high-level interfaces:

  • the ImageScanner (in C or C++) looks for barcodes in a library defined image object
  • the Window abstraction (in C or C++) sinks library images, displaying them on the platform display
  • the Video abstraction (in C or C++) sources library images from a video device

Low-Level Interfaces

direct interaction with barcode scanning and decoding:

  • the Scanner (in C or C++) looks for barcodes in a linear intensity sample stream
  • the Decoder (in C or C++) extracts barcodes from a stream of bar and space widths