Work Order  v7.0.1-2735
StyleLine Work Order
Lock/Unlock Order
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Work Order Window
Close Order
Name Hot Key Purpose Icon
Lock Order CTRL+L Order is locked by someone else and cannot be edited. Click to attempt to regain the database lock for this order.
Unlock Order CTRL+L Click to give up the database lock and allow others to edit this order.

When an order is first opened, a lock is obtained to prevent other people from editing the same order. When an order is closed, the lock is automatically released.

Lock and unlock work order.

If the database lock is explicitly dropped or another person in the office opens the same order, then the order will be shown in read-only mode with a red border.

Read-only order with a red border.

Click on the lock/unlock icon to regain the database editing lock. The work order software will then indicate if another user still has this order locked, or if the lock was acquired.

Unsaved changes will be dropped if an order is unlocked.