WS++  v0.5.0-1152
Workflow/Spaces - C++ Library
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Workflow/Spaces C++ Public API:

C++ Name Header File Description
  WS.hpp Central header for Unlimi-Tech's Workflow/Spaces C++ API. This is the only C++ header you need to include.
fc::WS FCWS.hpp Workflow/Spaces C++ API. Automatically included as part of WS.hpp.
  XmlHelper.hpp Helper functions for libxml2. Originally intended for internal use, but possibly useful for users of WS++ who wish to use the libxml2 C library to parse the XML output.
fc::Exception * FCException.hpp C++ exceptions thrown by the FC++ and WS++ API. Part of the FC++ library. See FC++ Exceptions for details.
xmlDoc tree.h Libxml2 C XML parsing library. Used internally by fc::WS to parse XML content. See for details.

* The Workflow/Spaces C++ API uses the FC++ API internally to handle file transfers. For details on how to use FC++, please refer to the official FC++ documentation.

Example C++ code to use the Workflow/Spaces C++ API:

// create one of these objects on the stack
fc::WS ws;
// login to the server with the usual credentials
ws.login("", "bob", "secret");
// create a job by specifying all the required fields (2 fields in this example)
fc::StrMap m;
m["ShootDate"] = "08/31/2019";
m["location"] = "office";
ws.createJob("default", m);
// queue up as many files needed for the job
// perform the actual upload and finalize the job