DarkHelp  v1.8.8-2
C++ API for the neural network framework Darknet
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DarkHelp Python API

The DarkHelp Python API uses the simplified DarkHelp C API.

The Python API does not expose 100% of what is available in the DarkHelp C++ API.

Calls such as DarkHelp.EnableNamesIncludePercentage() map to the C API EnableNamesIncludePercentage() which is documented as DarkHelp::Config::names_include_percentage. Using this API, DarkHelp can be used with advanced features such as tiling and snapping.

Example code:

import DarkHelp
dh = DarkHelp.CreateDarkHelpNN("cars.cfg".encode("utf-8"), "cars.names".encode("utf-8"), "cars.weights".encode("utf-8"))
DarkHelp.SetThreshold(dh, 0.35)
DarkHelp.SetAnnotationLineThickness(dh, 1)
DarkHelp.EnableTiles(dh, True)
DarkHelp.EnableCombineTilePredictions(dh, True)
DarkHelp.EnableOnlyCombineSimilarPredictions(dh, False)
DarkHelp.SetTileEdgeFactor(dh, 0.18f)
DarkHelp.SetTileRectFactor(dh, 1.22f)
DarkHelp.PredictFN(dh, "car_01.jpg".encode("utf-8"))
DarkHelp.Annotate(dh, "output.jpg".encode("utf-8"))
json = DarkHelp.GetPredictionResults(dh)

See the sample file src-python/example.py which shows how to use the Python API.

Convenient links to some of the API call documentation to get started: