EPS Conduits  v0.0.2-2413
networking over networking
Tracker.hpp File Reference
#include "common.hpp"
#include "TCPConnection.hpp"
#include <boost/uuid/uuid.hpp>
#include <boost/uuid/nil_generator.hpp>
#include <chrono>
#include <map>
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struct  EPS::TrackerData
 Used to track everything we know about a particular EPS client. More...
class  EPS::Tracker
 Manage all tracker records. More...




typedef std::map< UUID, EPS::TrackerDataEPS::TrackerMap
 Map between client UUIDs and a tracker record. This is the central "database" that makes up the Tracker functionality. More...
typedef std::map< IPv4, UUID > EPS::DestinationMap
 Map between an IP address and the corresponding UUID. This is a secondary index to quickly find an entry given an IP address. More...