GPC  v1.0.0-2516
Gorman Print Control
Print Job Details Window

This window shows the details of a specific print job session, including the individual bitmaps used in a print job.

Some details may be edited, and the entire print job session can be transferred to the IncJet device.



The window is composed of a description, several pushbuttons, and a table:


It is defined as follows:

Feature Description
#1 A free-text description given to the print job. The only purpose of this field is to help the end-user identify and distinguish the print jobs in GPC. The description is not sent to the IncJet device. The description may be left blank.
#2 The table shows the individual images in the print job.
#3 Replace the currently-selected image with a different image. The new image must be the exact dimensions as the original image. A backup of the current image will be saved before the image is replaced.
#4 Rotate the currently-selected image 180 degrees.
#5 Open the folder where this print job and the images are stored on the local computer.
#6 Transfer this print job and all of the corresponding images to the IncJet device.

Similar to the summary window, the columns in the table can be shown, hidden, resized, and moved:


Right-mouse-click on any of the column headers to change the columns you'd like to see.

To change the column order, click-and-drag the column header to a new location.

Any changes you made to column visibility, column order, and column width will be stored in User-specific configuration.

Every image in a print job may have an optional description. Double-click on a row to edit an image's description. These descriptions are not sent to the IncJet device.


While editing the image-specific description, press ESC to abort, or press ENTER to set the description.


Once you click on the "transfer" button (item labeled #6 in the screenshot above), the user will be prompted to confirm transferring the print job and images to the IncJet device:

You can decide if GPC should send just the ijb files, or send both the ijs and the ijb files. See User-specific configuration for details.
The IP address of the IncJet printers is stored in the user-specific configuration. See User-specific configuration if the ip addresses of the end printer needs to be modified.

A progress bar is shown to the user once the transfer has begun:


If a connection to the IncJet device cannot be established, the following window is shown to the user:


Make certain the computer has network access to the IncJet device. Verify the IP address and TCP port in configuration. See User-specific configuration.

Additional details on why the connection failed may be available in the log file. See Configuration to find the log file.