GPC  v1.0.0-2516
Gorman Print Control

GPC has 2 different configuration files:

  1. The first file stores some user-specific configuration.
  2. The second file contains non-user information on the imported print jobs.

When you press F1 from the GPC summary window (see Keys) a dialog showing various releavant directory and file information is shown to the user. This includes the exact location of the configuration directory and files:


User-specific configuration

The user-specific configuration file is a simple XML-format text file. This file is stored locally on each machine, and is specific to every logged in user. If the file is deleted, then a new one will be re-created when GPC is restarted.

Platform Configuration File
Linux /home/username/.GormanPrintControl/GormanPrintControl.cfg
Windows C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\GormanPrintControl\GormanPrintControl.cfg

For example, someone with the username bob running on Windows would find their GPC configuration file in C:\Users\bob\AppData\Roaming\GormanPrintControl\GormanPrintControl.cfg.

The IP address, TCP port, and name to use for each printer is stored in this user-specific configuration. This may need to be manually edited when GPC is first installed, or if the printer is moved to a different network. The relevant lines in configuration should look like this:
<VALUE name="print_controller_1_ip_address" val=""/>
<VALUE name="print_controller_2_ip_address" val=""/>
<VALUE name="print_controller_1_tcp_port" val="10000"/>
<VALUE name="print_controller_2_tcp_port" val="10000"/>
<VALUE name="print_controller_1_name" val="end printer #1"/>
<VALUE name="print_controller_2_name" val="end printer #2"/>

If the computer on which GPC is running does not have access to the internet, then the version number check and MOTD download will take a while (approximately 1 minute) to time out. To prevent the version check and MOTD download, change these two configuration values to "false":

<VALUE name="get_version_number" val="true"/>
<VALUE name="get_motd" val="true"/>

The default values of "true" will make GPC look for a new version of the software at every time GPC is started.

Both the ijs and ijb files are sent to the print device. This behaviour can be changed by toggling this boolean setting in configuration:

<VALUE name="also_send_ijs_file" val="true"/>

By setting this value to "false", only the ijb files will be transferred.

Print job configuration

Imported print jobs are not stored with the user-specific configuration, but instead is stored in a location available to all users logged in to the machine. Unlike the other configuration file, this one is stored as a JSON formatted text file, and probably should never be hand-edited.

Platform Configuration File
Linux /opt/GormanPrintControl/gpc.json
Windows C:\ProgramData\GormanPrintControl\gpc.json


The minimum that must be copied for a proper backup is all of the files and subdirectories in C:\ProgramData\GormanPrintControl\.

To be complete, the User-specific configuration can also be backed up, but that file is automatically re-created if it is missing, so it isn't as important as the print jobs with the corresponding .json file.