Handwashing Lib  v1.0.0-2971
Handwashing neural network and C++ class to detect handwashing in video streams.
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Handwashing C++ Library

The official web site for C Code Run's C++ Handwashing Library is http://www.ccoderun.ca/hw/.

C Code Run has partnered with Robro Systems to develop a neural network and a C++ library that can recognize handwashing.

This C++ library includes the following:

  • a YOLOv3-based neural network trained to recognize handwashing
  • calls to DarkHelp's C++ API to load and apply the neural network to a video stream (e.g., webcam) within a C++ application
  • OpenCV C++ calls to display a counter that tracks the length of time someone has been washing their hands.

To get started, see the API starting with the class CCR::HW.

Linking this C++ library into your project will output something similar to this when you give it a video file or streaming video to process:

A number of API calls can be utilized to perform some custom handling. These calls are made by the library to indicate key events such as when handwashing is detected or when the timer is reset. For details, see the following:

When the handwashing session is terminated early, a red "X" is shown instead of a checkmark:



CCR::HW is sponsored by Robro Systems

CCR::HW is written by St├ęphane Charette