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A collection of doxygen output, short posts, and "how-to" documents written by Stéphane Charette over the past few years.


My YouTube channel where I post tutorials related to training neural networks, object detection, C++, YOLO, Darknet, DarkHelp, DarkMark, and OCR. Darknet/YOLO

I maintain the Darknet/YOLO codebase. This is a tool to train neural networks to perform object detection.


A C++ library to detect movement between video frames.

Computer Vision

Training neural networks to do computer vision within C++ applications.


A C++ API layer when working with the neural network framework Darknet.


Application to mark up images for use with Darknet to build artificial neural networks.


An open-source C++ library to do AES encryption and decryption. Supports 256-bit AES CBC (Cipher Block Chaining) mode and PKCS #5/7 padding.

CamCap and JPEG Wrap

An open-source tool and C++ library to interface with webcams under Linux. Uses the open source C++ JPEG Wrap library.

FileCatalyst C++ API

C++ library to interface with Unlimi-Tech's FileCatalyst commercial file transfer product.

Workflow/Spaces C++ API

C++ library to interface with Unlimi-Tech's Workflow/Spaces commercial file transfer product.

Seeed Grove ++

A C++11 library to access Seeed Grove devices. For example, can be used with Seeed's BeagleBone Green.

BeagleBone Tools

A set of tools packaged as easy-to-install .deb files to quickly setup a BeagleBone device.


A C++11 library to access MaxMind's GeoLite2 database.

EPS Conduits

Circumvent firewalls and create a private network using computers located in many different locations. Makes it appear as if all the devices are physically next to each other on the same network segment.

CCache Munin

Munin graph plugins for CCache. Track the performance of CCache over time.


Wrapper for parts of the net-snmp project. Provides easy-to-use C++ classes and methods for OIDs, SNMP traps, etc.

Myra Canyon

Easily turn a Ubuntu linux computer into a router, and perform deep packet inspection to get insight into the traffic flowing across the network.

Gorman Kiln Sync

Commercial project for a lumber mill. Software to sync files between different computers.

Gorman Moisture Meter

Commercial project for a lumber mill. Software to work with with moisture sensors and track moisture content in lumber.

Gorman Print Control

Commercial project for a lumber mill. Software to work with .ijs and .ijb print files. Used by IncJet devices to print logos and other information.

Gorman Maintenance Logs

Commercial project for a lumber mill. Database project to track maintenance on hundreds of hardware components within the mill.


Windows and Linux product written for cabinet, door, drawer, and dovetail box manufacturers.