Seeed Grove ++  v0.0.1-2386
Linux C++ Library For Seeed Grove Devices
Seeed Grove ++ Documentation

Seeed Grove ++ is a C++11 library to work with Grove devices. The library has only been tested with BeagleBone Green and BeagleBone Black devices running Ubuntu, but I suspect it should work with any Linux system running on a hardware platform with Grove interfaces.

This is how I setup my BeagleBone devices to run Ubuntu:

Please see the Status page, or these high-level key entry points into the Seeed Grove ++ library API documentation:

Seeed Grove ++ Description
SG Seeed Grove ++ namespace.
SG::SGpp Central class to the Seeed Grove ++ library.
SG::GpioManagement Access to GPIO functionality.
SG::EGroveType Different types of Grove devices.
SG::BeagleBone BeagleBone Black and Beaglebone Green specific classes.

Note that the Seeed Grove ++ library is written by St├ęphane Charette at and is not associated, maintained, or supported by Seeed Technology Limited.

There are many Grove devices ("twigs") directly available from Seeed. For example: