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Barcode Stations
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Sensor Stations
In addition to barcode scanning, stations can also take environmental readings, such as temperature and humidity.
Scroll below for an example of the status tab showing a customer's work order which has been scanned at several stations during production.

The Work Order software can communicate with barcode stations installed in various locations to capture the progress of orders.


When an employee scans the barcode printed on every report, the database is updated to indicate the new status, when, where, and who is handling a specific order.


These status updates are then used when generating the production schedule.

Each barcode station is composed of a USB barcode scanner and a dedicated ARM-7 computer the size of a credit card.


Software from C Code Run runs on each station to properly recognize Work Order barcodes and update the database in real-time.

There is no limit to the number of stations that can be installed per database.

See also
Sensor Stations