Work Order  v7.0.1-2735
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Manage the order's state.

The states do not have to progress linearly. An order can progress to a certain point, then be taken backwards for additional work, or skip as many states are necessary. For example, if an order is unpainted, then it will likely progress directly from "hand sand" to one of the "shipping" states.

Number Field Name Description
1 Current status Read-only field with the order's last recorded state. (At the time the order was loaded from the database.)
2 Status change Read-only field with the timestamp when the order last change state. (At the time the order was loaded from the database.)
3 Comment Free-form text field which is shown on some reports but not normally on the customer's copy of the work order confirmation nor invoice.
4 New status Allows an order to be switched to a new state. Only takes effect once the order is saved.
5 Barcode scans Displays all of the barcode scans recorded for this order.
See also
Barcode Stations
6 Refresh Refresh (reload) the barcode scans. (If you've had an order opened for a long time and you want to see if there is an update without having to close and re-open the order.)