CCR BeagleBone Tools  v0.0.1-2206
Production Tools for BeagleBone Devices
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BeagleBone Tools

The set of tools are composed of multiple shell scripts within a few installation packages, each of which should be independant of each other.

Script Package Cron Job Example Description CCR Hostname Returns a 1-word description of the BeagleBone model. CCR Hostname /etc/cron.d/ccr_hostname sudo bb01 Configure the hostname. Automatically generates a unique BBB/BBG/... hostname if necessary. CCR LEDs /etc/cron.d/ccr_leds sweep Turn LEDs on and off, as well as show one of several patterns. CCR Log /etc/cron.d/ccr_log "service has stopped" Log an external message using a simple HTTP request. CCR Miscellaneous /etc/cron.d/ccr_misc sudo Apply various small fixes. CCR Miscellaneous /etc/cron.d/ccr_misc sudo disable Enable or disable ConnMan's DNS cache functionality. CCR Miscellaneous   sudo Purge several packages and related files. CCR Miscellaneous   sudo Purge all packages related to X CCR Miscellaneous   sudo enable Enable or disable Ubuntu's (not Debian!) ARM repos CCR Set Timezone /etc/cron.d/ccr_set_timezone sudo Automatically figure out and set the correct timezone based on GeoIP. Then uses SNTP to set the correct date and time.
  CCR SMK     Dummy package for BeagleBone that depends on the full SMK package.
  CCR Update     Configure automatic installation of security fixes and updates. CCR User /etc/cron.d/ccr_user sudo ccr icx100 Lock down sshd, disable root and debian, and create a new user account. CCR WiFi Connection /etc/cron.d/ccr_wifi_connection sudo Office1 secret123 Setup a WiFi connection using Connection Manager. CCR WiFi Power Mode /etc/cron.d/ccr_wifi_power_mode sudo Change the WiFi power mode from "extreme power saving" to "active".