Seeed Grove ++  v0.0.1-2386
Linux C++ Library For Seeed Grove Devices
sg_BeagleBone_LED.hpp File Reference
#include <string>
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enum  SG::BeagleBone::LED {
  SG::BeagleBone::LED::invalid = 0,
  SG::BeagleBone::LED::none = 1,
  SG::BeagleBone::LED::all = 2,
  SG::BeagleBone::LED::usr0 = 10,
  SG::BeagleBone::LED::usr1 = 11,
  SG::BeagleBone::LED::usr2 = 12,
  SG::BeagleBone::LED::usr3 = 13,
  SG::BeagleBone::LED::min = usr0,
  SG::BeagleBone::LED::max = usr3
 Enumerator for the various LEDs on BeagleBone Black and BeagleBone Green. More...
enum  SG::BeagleBone::Trigger {
  SG::BeagleBone::Trigger::invalid = 0,
 Enumerator for the LED trigger type to use. More...


std::string SG::BeagleBone::to_string (const Trigger trigger)
 Convert the trigger enum to the string expected in the trigger file. More...
Trigger SG::BeagleBone::default_trigger (const SG::BeagleBone::LED led)
 Return the default trigger typically used by each LED. More...
int SG::BeagleBone::index_of (const SG::BeagleBone::LED led)
 Determine the index of the specified LED. More...
bool SG::BeagleBone::is_single_LED (const SG::BeagleBone::LED led)
 Determine if the specified LED enum is a single physical LED, or a "pseudo" LED such as LED::all. More...
bool SG::BeagleBone::is_pseudo_LED (const SG::BeagleBone::LED led)
 Determine if the specified LED enum represents a "pseudo" LED, such as LED::all or LED::none. More...