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Name Hot Key Purpose Icon
Print Order CTRL+P Print the current work order.
  1. The print icon is not shown until an order has been loaded or created.
  2. There are several important configurable options that impact printing. See Settings for details.
  3. Print reports are tested with recent versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Please use a modern browser to view the reports. Old versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer from many years ago may not correctly display some reports.
  4. Orders that have not been saved or which contain unsaved changes cannot be printed.

There are 15 commonly used print reports.

Reports may be printed individually or as a group. With the exception of the "chopsaw fcl (frame cut list)", all the reports are generated as .html pages and printed from within a modern browser.


All images and CSS used in the reports are embedded in the report itself, so there are zero external dependencies. This allows the report files to be easily emailed, copied to a USB key, presented on the web, or archived to an external drive / backup server.

Print options.

Example Reports

Click on Report Name or Example to see a simple example of each report.

Report Name Example Description
work order 10005-01_work_order.html Work order contains a description of all products and a summary of square footage required.
confirmation copy 10005-02_confirmation_copy.html Confirmation copy is similar to work order but sent to the customer for confirmation before starting a work order.
frame cut list 10005-03_frame_cut_list.html Frame cut list for both doors and drawers.
panel cut list 10005-04_panel_cut_list.html Panel cut list for both doors and drawers.
assembly list 10005-05_assembly_list.html Assembly list shows all corresponding parts for doors and drawers.
solid cut list 10005-06_solid_cut_list.html Cut list for 'solids'.
plywood cut list 10005-07_plywood_cut_list.html Cut list for 'plywood'.
dovetail drawer box cut list 10005-08_dovetail_drawer_box_cut_list.html Cut list for dovetail drawer boxes.
butcher block cut list 10005-09_butcher_block_cut_list.html Cut list for butcher blocks.
miscellaneous items 10005-10_miscellaneous_items.html List of all the miscellaneous parts.
packing slip 10005-11_packing_slip.html Packing slip is similar to the work order and confirmation copy.
invoice copy 10005-12_invoice_copy.html Invoice copy is similar to the work order and confirmation copy.
invoice report 10005-13_invoice_report.html Invoice report is sent to the customer for billing.
chowsaw fcl 10005-14_chopsaw_fcl.csv This is a special case. It is not a printed report, but refers instead to the frame cut list which is published as a .csv file.