FC++  v0.9.0-9e9b65
FileCatalyst Fast File Transfers - C++ Library
FCStateAndStats.hpp File Reference
#include "FileCatalyst.hpp"
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class  fc::GlobalStats
 GlobalStats is used to track some summary statistics during file transfers. More...
class  fc::GlobalStateAndStats
 Combine both state and statistics into a single class which callers can access. More...




typedef std::map< size_t, fc::TransferStatsfc::TransferStatsMap
 Track all of the individual file transfers, where the key is a numeric sequence describing the order of the file transfer. More...
typedef void(* fc::StatisticsCallback) (const fc::GlobalStateAndStats &stats, void *ptr)
 Allow a single callback to be specified when the statistics are updated. More...

Detailed Description

Statistics representing a summary of all file transfers. Also contains a map of all individual file transfers.